Abusive relationship; marriage breakdown;

What problem(s) brought you to us:

‘Met someone from Impact at ASDA in Cwmbran,

Had a night mare for last 11 months, felt low, marriage of 11 years ending, and wife wouldn’t let me see my children. Told me to get out of my house.  Lost my driving licence and could go back to work, I m simple man just want my kids, I haven’t seen them and cannot visit them on their birthdays, oldest one id getting driving lessons’

Spoke to a lady on the phone, I meet someone that weeks I was at my wits end and told them.’


How you found the experience of Impact:

‘Met with Keith at Costa in Cwmbran; he was great felt much better after talking to him. Got in touch with a counsellor in Cwmbran, things are going well’ They Told me to get in touch with my Doctor to get help for my depression and anxiety.

Great people in Impact.

Tony 42, Pontypool .


Lost my son two years ago due to drugs;

What problem(s) brought you to us:

‘Got the Number for Impact from a friend, I spoke to Noel.’


How you found the experience of Impact:

‘Went to see councillor, felt I wouldn’t cope for more than a year but after a few sessions  I wished I had seen someone  before’

Thanks for all your help.

Jo 58, Cardiff.


Difficulties after being released from prison;

What problem(s) brought you to us:

‘Came out of prison 4 months ago, having problems with find a flat and with my ex-girl friend.

Meet Dave through the Salvation Army café, He was helpful and I then got to talk to someone about finding a place to stay.’


How you found the experience of Impact:

‘Dave was really helpful, he met me at the Salvation army and then at Stow Park Church. I really cannot talk much about me life, but Dave listened Bought me a coffee and sandwich. I knew he cared and didn’t treat me like dirt’

He gave me contact for a shelter and come with me to the council.

Dave 39, Newport

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