About Us

About Our Service



Haven was founded with the objective of helping vulnerable adults successfully access: 

  • Supported living facilities

  • Specialist support

  • Professional Interventions

  • Social and spiritual services

Our long-term plan is for our beneficiaries to complete the programme leading to a full cycle of recovery that will enable them to gain independence, manage their lives and deal with life difficulties appropriately.

Our goal is to assist our beneficiaries and society at large by providing professional interventions with complimentary training programs that meet the needs of vulnerable adults so that they can rebuild their lives and engage with their community with a renewed sense of self-worth.

The long-term vision includes the creation and opening of further centres throughout the UK.

The “core service” of Haven is to provide professional and residential services that enable vulnerable adults to make life changing decisions and actions that better their lives, to live independently in their own homes and engage positively with the local community.

“Rough sleeping has proven to be one of the hardest aspects of homelessness to measure and tackle and presents a particular challenge in planning services. For some, the start of a period of rough sleeping represents the beginning of a downward spiral, often associated with unemployment, substance misuse and physical and mental ill health accentuated by difficulties in accessing services”.

Welsh Assembly Government Ten Year Homelessness Plan for Wales 2009-2019 (E148)

Our Services 

Our services aim to provide a holistic approach to supporting our beneficiaries achieve a lasting life recovery.


Services include:


  • housing

  • 12 step recovery programs for alcohol, drug and other addiction issues,

  • professional counselling services,

  • liaison with drug, alcohol and substance abuse organisation

  • detoxification programme,

  • education - literacy, numeracy, IT skills, vocational training courses


Haven’s Charity aims to achieve the best outcome for the beneficiary, the local community and society at large. Throughout the programme our beneficiaries will be encouraged to consider their future community engagement ensuring that our service does not isolate our beneficiaries from the community to which they will eventually return.